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Inflatable Wrecking Ball Game

Inflatable Wrecking Ball Game

Inflatable Wrecking Ball Game

Circuits needed:  1
 Dimensions:20′ X 20′ X 24′
Price: $ 398.98

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Test everyone’s stamina and agility with the Inflatable Wrecking Ball Game. This extreme challenge is created specifically to test the participants’ stamina and quickness. As the contestants start playing, have one person stand in the middle and up to four people stand around the unit to swing the wrecking balls at the participant in the middle. This means that the participant in the middle will have to duck and dodge to avoid the wrecking balls, while standing tall. The contestant who manages to stay standing the longest will be the winner. This absolutely fun activity comes with protective helmets for safety. Unit is Due in stock 9/8-9/10/18. 

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